Business systems

In every business there are plenty of trivial tasks accomplished by the employees on a day to day basis. Majority of these tasks can potentially be done automatically by a piece of Custom Software that is programmed for your specific business. This can save a great portion of the employees' time and free them to do more interesting and more valuable functions for your business.

We are happy to come in and review each of your personnel's daily activities and propose a Business Automation solution.

How do we work?

Our first step is to provide an in-depth analysis of the business of our client, to find out about their working methods and to propose a model that will encompass all processes in the company in a single application. The stages of development include:

  • Preparation of a detailed report which paves the way for the development of the business system.
  • Development of a functional prototype of the system which helps us see if our understanding of how the business system should function, meets client expectations. This gives our client the chance to test the system and decide if it serves their needs or whether it needs improvement.
  • Once the functional prototype is approved, we start preparing the technical specification.
  • We then go ahead and start the development process.
  • The business system is tested prior to its implementation.

Business system integration

Inobix's business systems are extremely flexible as they are developed module by module. They can be extended at a later stage without this breaking the internal logic of the system. Furthermore they can be set up to communicate with external systems if required. These are systems that the client already operates. In any case the client is usually trained to work with the system. In addition, data can be migrated to work in the newly created business system.

Support and partnership

In Inobix we focus on long term partnerships with our clients, for whom we have created business systems. It is our priority to grow and perfect every business system we have created, so that it is always in tune with our clients' needs.

Our Customers
Inobix has been a strategic partner and we look forward to continuing our alliance as we deliver Reverse Logistics portals to the global market.
We find Inobix easy to deal with and very responsive. We look forward to continue our working relationship.
Inobix understand our business and are always ready to assist with valuable response.
It's a great job that has been done on the site. We felt that they were working with us rather than for us.