Website design and development

Inobix covers the full spectrum of services for development and maintenance of an outstanding web application.

There is no difference whether it is a small website or a big business initiative - you can rely on our professional skills!

Common types of requests

The most common types of websites that we have experience with include:

Online service

Website of an online service
  • Tailor made modules
  • Third party service integration
  • Community forum
  • Informative pages

Corporate website

  • Corporation details
  • Product catalog
  • Support forum
  • Newsletters

e-Commerce website

  • Product catalog
  • Shopping basket
  • Online payment
  • Newsletters

Online publishing

  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Forum

Key factors that make our projects successful

High Quality Development

To ensure high quality of websites Inobix uses the industry's best practices, the latest technologies and quality assurance experts. We use our strong coding standards and our proven content management system which ensure the solutions we develop will stand the test of time.

User Friendly Interface

We make sure that the interaction with the website is intuitive and the user can easily find the needed content. We put a lot of effort to create a smooth experience for the user encouraging him to use the website more often.

Appropriate Design

The visual concept behind the website is based on the image of the company or the service. Our designers make sure that the client receives a proper consultation prior to finalizing the visual concept.

Website Administration Screenshots:

CMS Dashboard       User Management      Publication Management

Skills and technologies

  • Strong expertise with Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET - the leading Microsoft Platform for website delivery.
  • Experts in MS SQL Server - our main database backend.
  • Strong expertise in JavaScript / jQyery / - technologies necessary to deliver the interactivity required by website users.

More detailed list of the technologies we use

Website FAQ

Q: How much will a website cost me?
A: It varies greatly, depending on what sort of features you want in your website, but in general websites start from €500 to configure and set up. This includes buying a domain (first year fee), standard design, configuring the website, adding initial content, 1 year web hosting (up to 250MB space), 2 months technical support.

Q: How long does it take to make a website?
A: It varies, but simple sites can be setup in around a week or so, depending on the available resources. More content and functionality increase the time.

Q: I don't have much knowledge about computers - will I be able to manage my website?
A: The system behind the website makes it easy for non-technical users to update the content of their website with little knowledge of web technologies.

Take a look at our portfolio for examples of our work.
Our Customers
Inobix has been a strategic partner and we look forward to continuing our alliance as we deliver Reverse Logistics portals to the global market.
We find Inobix easy to deal with and very responsive. We look forward to continue our working relationship.
Inobix understand our business and are always ready to assist with valuable response.
It's a great job that has been done on the site. We felt that they were working with us rather than for us.